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Saturday, February 25, 2017

It is I, the queen of late posts and procrastination. I was supposed to type out and publish this post somewhere earlier the week after returning to Malaysia but I was too busy preparing for a mooting competition. NAMCO to be exact. Yup, I made it to the team! I would probably do another post for that after the competition ends next month, but we're basically keeping everything under wraps now. Training is okay, but we barely have any holiday. Well, except for me. At the end of January, I went to Bandung, Indonesia for 5 days for a holiday with my family. I was dreading to tell my coach that I'll be leaving for the trip, but he said to have fun and it's okay to slack off. SCORE.

Day One
We went to KLIA2 at around 4.00AM to check in our baggage and clear customs and security checks. Everything was thankfully, a breeze, except that it was really far to get to our departure gate. The airport is surprisingly busy in the morning. Probably because it was near the Chinese New Year break and people are flying everywhere. We had breakfast at the food court and surprise, surprise, I wasn't worried about my flight AT ALL. I usually have a fear of flying and I often throw up before a flight, but not this time. Probably because I was too occupied with training in the week following up to the trip. My flight departed at 6.50AM and arrived at 8.15AM Indonesian time. 

My mum booked Pakcik Doni to be our driver since my mum used to go to Bandung using him as a driver for a trip with her friends. It was roughly RM800 for 5 days and that is including parking fees and his meals. It was a great price plus he's really friendly. We can't check into our hotel since it was still early. Pakcik Doni decided that we should go to Kawah Putih straight from the airport. We agreed since we had time to burn anyway. We were in the car close to 1 hour and 30 minutes when we stopped by a restaurant to eat. It wasn't even halfway to Kawah Putih. WE DIDN'T KNOW IT TOOK THAT FAR.

After lunch, we continued our journey up to Kawah Putih again. And that's when I noticed the sky was getting darker and the weather turned gloomier. We decided to go on since we don't want to spend an hour and a half and giving up halfway. When we arrived, there were some people renting out umbrellas, but we decided not to rent any because well, what's the worst thing that could happen? WRONG. It was super cold, I was wearing my sweater and it still feels like it's 3 degrees celsius. We went down to see Kawah Putih up close and took a few photos. Then.... IT. STARTED. RAINING. HEAVILY. I ran up the stairs in less than 1 minute (achievement) and went directly to the warmth of our car. I left my family behind guys. We ended up leaving Kawah Putih after 5 minutes there.

We headed back to Bandung City and arrived around 5pm due to the traffic. Traffic is really really bad, probably because of the fact that it was a public holiday due to Chinese New Year Holiday. We arrived at our hotel for two nights, Sukajadi Hotel. We took the family room overlooking the pool and it's really spacious. The wifi is really good too, considering that we relied mostly on it as we didn't subscribe to any roaming plans. We were basically thirsty for wifi for the whole trip. Here's what our room looks like.

Afterwards, we walked to Paris Van Java. The shopping mall was amazing and it houses mainly international brands, but there's one store that is located next to H&M, which sells really nice clothes with a nice affordable price. I regret not buying anything there. Then we went to Bakmi Apin, a restaurant near Paris Van Java, on Jalan Sukajadi which sells good bakso and siewmai. Prices are quite cheap too.

Day 2
Woke up early and had breakfast at Bakmi Apin again. We had a long day ahead of us as we planned to go shopping and go to Saung Angklung Udjo in the evening. We had our breakfast at Bakmi Apin (again) and ate bakso, siewmai and tauhu. Anyway please count how many times I mentioned that I eat bakso for the whole trip. This will co-relate with something that happened on the final day. Haha.

Yamien Baso Asin - 32,000 rupiah/RM10

We then met up with Pakcik Doni again and made our way to the local shops to buy stuff to bring home to Malaysia. First we went to this store which sells a lot of kain sulam which is to be honest, not to my liking as the design is pretty old. My mum bought a few kain for my aunts. I didn't take any photos there because I was busy with wifi haha. Then we went to some factory outlets, one of them being my favourite, which is The Secret.

They sold some really cute muslimah outfit on the second floor of the courtyard. Didn't buy anything though because of Malaysia's economic situation now. Then we went to Toko Tiga, which sells a lot of jeans and stuff for men. I was so tempted to buy a pair of sneakers from Converse but again #blametheeconomicsituation. I got to take some aesthetic shots though.

yup, my aesthetic
We then just asked Pakcik Doni to drive us around Bandung, when something caught my brother's eyes. A row of hipster local stores. The local brands are SO GOOD and the price is not ridiculously high like the ones in Malaysia. The great thing is that it is sort of like a row of those kinds of shops only, so he had a great time choosing t-shirts. I should've not held myself back... Should've bought the hoodies and sweaters...

Badger Invaders store, one of the local brands there which I personally like
Then after we shopped, we made our way to Saung Angklung Udjo to catch the angklung performance. In my opinion, I love this part of our trip the best. The daily cultural performance show is held at 3.30pm until around 5:30pm. The entrance fee was IDR80,000 for international tourists, which is around RM26. The entrance free includes a brochure which contains the synopsis of the show, basically the history of all of the performances and such, an angklung necklace which is a cute free souvenier and a welcome drink. We took the mineral water only when there's actually Es Lilin (an ice-cream) as a souvenier too, but we weren't aware until all the other tourists took their seats.

All of the performances was amazing! And the kids were so cute and talented! After the show, we got the chance to play the Angklung, which was our very first time. Every angklung is assigned with a number so you have to pay really good attention to the instructer when it is your turn to shake the angklung. By the end of the lesson, we played songs like Burung Kakak Tua and even Can't Help Falling in Love. After the end of the lesson, it was the time to say goodbye. All of the guests are invited to dance. And guess what? I said yes when a girl asked me to dance with her. YO IT WAS LIT, MY FIRST DANCE PARTY

das me
We went back to the city and went for dinner at Rumah Mode. We had batagor and ayam penyet which was really good. After a few rounds of window shopping, my brother and I decided to have Nutella crepes (again, really good). And... That's pretty much it for our second day.

Day Three
Our third day is where we stroll around Tangkuban Perahu's surrounding area. It is still an active volcano, and the place is very cold. We just walked around the upper parts of the volcano instead of going down because we couldn't stand the cold. The view was amazing and the place is very calm, mainly because there are not many people on the day.

Afterwards, we went to a Kopi Luwak place, where you can see the origin of the coffee itself, which is the fox. It is so cute! My mum held one but my brother and I were too scared to hold something that will crawl on our shoulders. My mum said it's like a cat... We tried the coffee too, since it is halal certified and because the explanation given by the staff on why it is halal is convincing.

Then, we went to Farmhouse, Lembang. It is a recently opened tourist attraction, which looks and feels like you're on a holiday to Europe. The entrance fee is 20,000 IDR or RM6 per person, which is really really cheap because you'll be given a coupon to be exchanged with milk or sausage. The milk is so fresh and good, to be really honest, it tastes better than the boxed Dutch Lady back in Malaysia.

For lunch, we went to Kampung Daun. So far it was the best restaurant I've ever been to. The ambience is really calming and we have our own pondok to sit at. To call the waiter, you have to hit the wooden thingy at the front of your hut.

We then went back to the city, and because it was my dad and brother's last night in Bandung, we went to Trans Studio Mall just because. Didn't take many photos, though.

Day 4
Nothing much. Sent my dad and brother to the airport because my brother didn't actually get permission to go for a holiday. Sucks. My mum and I went to Pasar Baru for 5 hours. Didn't take any photos on that day because I'm tired + not safe to hold my phone around. Went for the infamous Bakmi GM. Got a bad food poisoning starting from that night.

Day 5
Our final day. Still, not many photos. I still got really sick up until the point where I cannot eat or drink anything. Not sure to blame on the over-eating of Bakso or the cleanliness when they're preparing the food. Went to buy brownies to bring back home (I bought it mainly for the moot squad). Our flight was supposed to be at 6pm but it got delayed up until 9pm. Which sucks. We were the last flight flying out of Bandung. Air Asia compensated with McD. Arrived at KLIA2 at 12.00am. MALAYSIA TANAH AIRKU. The end.

5 days is too long for Bandung. We covered all of the main attractions on the 3rd day, so our 4th and 5th are really boring. The economic situation is so bad, everything is at the same price as things back in KL. But all in all, a well deserved holiday.

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