First Semester? Done!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Will you look at that? I’m actually done with my first semester in law school. Another seven to go! Three and a half years in Shah Alam! Woohoo… lah sangat. My roommate, Kak Afiqah actually suggested to me to write this post up. I thought, why not. It will be great to look back after everything ends and see how small and naive I was in my first semester of degree.

Okay to start everything up, the dreaded interviews to get a place into the top three law schools in Malaysia. I'm just going to highlight my UiTM's interview experience because well, that's where I'm at anyway. I was a nervous wreck, as usual. I cannot eat properly even though I was at Jemari (my fav tomyam place in Seksyen 7). I was shaking really badly and I keep flipping my flashcards and trying to remember all the legal stuff that might be questioned later on. Arrived at the faculty and saw that I was actually the fifth person to be interviewed. Oh and it was a one on one interview with around 4 lecturers. I breezed through. Except for the fact that I asked the reason why they called in one by one compared to a group interview like other interview rooms. Never do that guys. Learn from my social blunder. If you do, find a way to cover up your socially awkward social skills like me. #confidenceiskey

After finding out that I secured a spot in UiTM's law school, in September 2016, I registered in UiTM Shah Alam as a student again. Went through the horrible and dreaded orientation week. All of us were bored and were deprived of our rights to sleep. Now MDS feels like a distant memory. To go through it again? NOPE. That was also the week where I moved to Seroja, which at first I dreaded. We were supposed to be staying at Melati instead but somehow at the last minute, we got transferred. My room consists of six girls including myself. But guess what guys, Seroja is nice, minus the monkeys la of course. It's in walking distance of the faculty, which means there's no need to fight for the bus in the morning. The fresh air is also nice since it's a residential college with a courtyard so you won't feel stuffy at all. I didn't take any photos of my room in Seroja though. Soz.

This semester, I didn't make a lot of new friends. I don't know, is it because I'm awkward? I don't have a friendly face maybe? I kind of struggled in my new class and to be quite frank it wasn't as memorable as it was back in Asasi. My whole class experience was quite blergh, but I have to thank my "You Won't Sit With Us" clique for pulling through and making me not dreading the moment where I have to class. Oh a little bit of backstory how the clique was formed: Zul invited everyone to go to McDonalds for ice-cream since our Contracts tutorial class was cancelled. We're the only one who tagged along with him. Haha. Thanks guys for making my first semester very bright!

But to be really honest, I couldn't thank my friends that I had since Asasi enough. They really made everything memorable. From daily outings to eat, studying at the library to competitions, they really were there every single step of the way. Mainly because I don't have other people to hang out with... But, the circle is small, and I'm in love with how small and familiar it is. Special mention to this bunch of people who got stuck with me for the whole semester and more to come insya-Allah. Fatin, who owns the bed next to me in our room in Seroja. Shaz who always wants to hug me but I still refuse (I need space, young lady). Ahmad, who somehow manage to deal with my bad tantrums and judge how impulsive I shop. Not to mention Silla who I see from time to time nowadays but always comes back to me with amazing stories #goUTMara

Even my Asasi friends that went to other universities still keep in touch and visit us in Shah Alam from time to time. I usually meet up with Rae since she's staying near Sunway and I always drop by since my family loves shopping there because there's a skating rink (okay mainly my brother je la). I also went to UM last mid-semester break and met the rest of my old classmates there. It feels comforting to see a lot of familiar faces again just like back in our Shah Alam/Dengkil days. 

So that basically wraps up my first semester in degree! Well, another 7 short ones to go. #prayforme #runwhileyoustillcan #icriedalot 

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