Interpart Mooting Competition 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mid semester break is here! I've never been so grateful for a holiday before in my life, mainly due to the fact that I'm THAT nerd who hates holidays and love being busy with school back in the days, but now that I've entered law school, man, holidays are a blessing. I didn't go back for a month and I have commitments that I have to fulfil for all of the four weekends that I had.
I even had a hell week which started at the 14th and ended on the 22nd. The dates are occupied with tests and datelines almost, every single day? How am I even alive guys.... It's amazing to look back at.

One of the things in my to-do list is Interpart Mooting Competition. Mooting is basically a mock judicial proceeding that is set up to examine and to lay down arguments for your client in a hypothetical case. It's a big thing in UiTM's Law Faculty since our mooting seniors are legendary. The most recent thing that they won for our faculty is the FDI Competition held in Argentina, coming third next to Harvard and Paris Law School. (when will i ever)

So the first thing that I had to do was to join the Moot Workshop that was held in October by the Moot Club. I'm one of the committee members so I have to join anyway. Basically, the workshop shows what to expect in mooting and how to excel in your written submissions (memorials) and your oral submission too. The next week we assembled our team, and I'm teammates with my friends from Asasi, which are Ahmad, Shaz, Fatin and Asyraf. We were also assigned to a senior who will be our coach, and we got Dinie, which recently named as Best Oralist in a recent competition too. We were assigned to our positions, Ahmad and Shaz for Appellant, Fatin and Asyraf for Respondent and there's me the researcher or the Bench Counsel.

Doing my work at dal.komm coffee since I injured my foot, therefore cannot walk around ioi city mall

I was basically in charge of research, typing out the memorials, reviewing cases, keeping everyone sane... It was a big responsibility too. So back to Interpart, as I was in charge of writing the memorials for both sides, I had the responsibility of sending it to the committees as well a week before the actual competition. It was funny and nerve-wrecking. Last minute amendments and the fact that my laptop crashed a few minutes before the time that we had to submit.... Lesson learnt: keep a copy of important work in a pen drive and click save every 5 minutes. Luckily we sent it on time, both for the softcopy and the hardcopy, however, we didn't win the best memorial award for the competition.

trust me, this moment was not fun at all, almost missed the dateline.

Oh, and another responsibility is the fact that you have to be ready to replace any of your members' spot if anything happened. Well, that anything happened to our team and we lost a member on the Respondent's side. You have to be open to responsibilities since you basically consented to it by being the bench counsel... And behold, I upgraded myself to lead-counsel of the Respondent team along with Fatin with 5 days to spare before the competition on the 19th.

19th of November, d-day. I got attacked by anxiety again a few minutes after waking up and I don't feel that well. Appellants and Respondents have to lay down their arguments for two sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening. Me and Fatin felt like we didn't do well for our morning session, but we were quite comfortable during the evening session because it was kind of laid back and we went against my roommates' team. 

To automatically qualify for the semis, one team must have four wins (Appellant and Respondent both win in each morning and evening sessions), however, there's no team that fulfilled the requirement and there's 5 teams that were tied with 3 wins and 1 loss, thus the raw marks will be counted. Long story short, our Appellant team won both sessions while our Respondents (me and Fatin) won the morning session only. Which makes us 1/5 of the team that have a chance to go to semis. Woah. At first we weren't sure if we could make it into the top four to semis. Even finals seemed far fetched. But guess what, our raw marks totalled up to be the SECOND highest for the general rounds. Our reactions though!!! It was so unexpected!

The next day, the 20th, was the day for semis and finals. The Appellants (Shaz and Ahmad) had to submit for semis. Me and Fatin just watched from the back and well, they were awesome. Since it's the first time we actually sit in the same room with them while they were submitting, I was so impressed. It was different with our usual training sessions. We went against Part 3 students and guess what, we won again! We made it to finals, again, against Part 3 students and again the Appellant team had to submit. I had to sit together with the appellants as the bench counsel (#dontforgetwhereyoucamefromguys) and even I was scared like hell due to the 5 judges. Shaz and Ahmad did really well even though it was so tense.

After the judges deliberate and they gave personal comments to both teams, it was the prize giving ceremony! Ahmad bagged two individual awards for himself (shall not say what award, but it's prestigious enough, which is the reason I won't tell hahaha). We also won the Dr Irwin's Team Spirit award thanks for the votes from the other Interpart teams (thanks guys!). And guess what guys? We were the champions for the Interpart Mooting Competition 2016! Alhamdulillah, our Appellant won with a 4:1 majority! #afyhadirawedidntletyoudown

It was a truly remarkable experience. To know that the lack of sleep, working until 2 am, juggling tests and Interpart, we sacrificed a lot and it all paid off in the end. Seeing the final product of what we've been working on and how much we've improved since day 1... Hats off to the most amazing team ever assembled. Here's to more great things to come!

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