Second Time's The Charm?

Friday, September 16, 2016

Guess what? Your girl just survived the dreaded orientation week! As I've written before in my last post, I got accepted to read law at MARA University of Technology (UiTM) at their main campus Shah Alam, which is also the campus that I stayed for my first semester of Foundation last year. I'm so grateful that I managed to pass my interview. Still can't believe that fast forward a year later and I'm officially a degree student.

As a freshman I had to go through Minggu Destini Siswa, also known as MDS or simply put, our dreaded confirm no sleep orientation week. The thing is, I have gone through it once during Foundation (I still have war flashbacks of it) but since I'm under the Ministry of Higher Education Program - PI007, me and the other kids have to go through it alongside with the new intake from Matriculation and STPM. I remember seeing someone on twitter asking the facilitators why the ex-students from our programme need to join MDS once again and even they have no idea.... Bad luck for us then.

The girls had to go to Kolej Mawar to register, but not by car of course! Everyone had to park at Padang Kawad and get on the buses that are provided by UiTM there. Traffic was horrendous. I think my family and I got stuck at the Seksyen 7 gate for about 30 minutes I guess? And there's me feeling bad for Fatin and her family for waiting for us because they got there earlier. (Hiiii Fatin) We got our keys and as promised, we are roommates! The room at Mawar was so big guys and it's a room for two. Didn't took a decent photo though since we were rushing to get ourselves settled in and took a nap because we all know we won't be getting a decent sleep after this. However we were not going to stay in Kolej Mawar permanently. Just for MDS. Urgh why you gave us false hope.

I'm just going to sum MDS up since I don't want to dive into the details because it was disappointing. It was kind of unorganized compared to the MDS during our asasi days. There was a lot of waiting... and waiting.... and waiting. A lot of walking was involved for us girls because sometimes we had to walk from DATC to Pusat Islam to perform our prayers. Not the same case for the guys. Our batchmates was kind of disappointing too since they were not punctual throughout the whole orientation week.

Yes guys! UiTM updated their shawl! No more horrendous faces due to the hard to iron bawal that makes you look 5 years younger. #throwbackasasi #ilookedyoungduringMDSasasi

Props to the PM's (the facilitators) for being very very patient despite everything that happened. Didn't blame them for getting mad at us since most of it was our fault anyway. I saw some of them sleeping on floors while we got to sleep on beds. I remember this one PM who asked us to take a nap at Pusat Islam after Zuhur prayers until Asar. The food provided was hella good too! Sucks on them who complained about not getting food on time because truthfully I don't care, as long as I get to eat.

On the last day, us female law students had to move to our permanent residential college which is Kolej Seroja. Honestly, I was very surprised. RIP to my dreams of going to Mcdonalds for breakfast, getting food at DC and getting on the bus to go to my faculty. And monkeys. Freaking monkeys. But once we got settled in, eh it's not bad! I will do another post about my new room since I didn't take any photos yet.

I still think MDS can be improved though. To make sure that more students are interested to be a part of the UiTM family (or to stay in UiTM in my case), MDS needs a major revamp. I was quite jealous of my friends in other universities because their orientation week was the bomb. But am I glad it's over? YES. And now back to being busy as a college student!

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