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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I've given up on my writing challenge. I don't know what got me super busy for the past few weeks because as far as I remember I've did nothing? Well, maybe it's the anxiousness of being close to the universities placement results day at that time.

 Anyway, remember that I already finished my Foundation in Law program in April right? I actually went for the interview sessions for 3 universities back in May, which are UiTM, UM and UKM. Overall it was a great experience going to all of the top law schools in Malaysia to get interviewed.
I won't dive into the details for each sessions though.

Universities placement results aka UPU got released on Monday. I was a bundle of nerves since I can't get a good night sleep for over a month because I kept thinking about the small slip-ups that I did during the interviews. Before results were out I keep praying that I'll get into a law school, not even caring about the university because after foundation ended, being in this field is the only thing that I can see myself in 5, 10, 20 years from now.

GUESS WHAT. I GOT IN! Alhamdulillah. I was rooting for UM to offer me a place too but they didn't. At all. Just a big capitalized DUKACITA written on the page. But I'm grateful to be accepted in UiTM's law school. I'll be back in Shah Alam where I did my first semester of Foundation. It's a big plus because I'm quite used to the area and the faculty.

Everything seems surreal because it a few weeks I'll be a law student! For real. My hard work paid off even though for me it was not at the same level as my friends back in Foundation. I'll be registering in a couple of weeks and guess what, I have to go through the dreaded MDS. Again. Well, hope that I'll make it through MDS and the four years of pain from law school.

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