Day 5: Five Places To Visit

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hello, it's day 5 of the writing challenge! I have to post this up a bit late since I was quite busy today. I went to KLIA2 in the morning to meet Kown and Rae until 2.00 pm and went straight home afterwards. I had to clean my room for a bit and cook dinner for myself since I was home alone. Well, anyway, back to the writing challenge, today's topic is:

List down 5 places you want to visit

1. The Holy Land, Mekah
The ideal situation is to go there and perform The Hajj with my family one day. Insha Allah, when the time comes I hope I'll be there with my loved ones by my side.

2. Seoul
Mum promised to take me there for a holiday as a gift for me because I got straight As in PMR. But PMR was 4 years ago?? Hopefully, soon. I prefer just visiting Seoul rather than to go to other places in South Korea. Maybe because of the city vibe?

3. New Zealand
My mum wants to go to New Zealand for a looooong time now but we just haven't got the chance (and the money). New Zealand is very pretty anyway so I'll have a good time taking photographs of the scenery and just have a fun road trip. I want to fulfill her wish one day, maybe after I finish degree, get a job, and be financially secure.

4. Orlando, Florida
OF COURSE THIS IS ON MY LIST. I really want to go to Harry Potter's Wizarding World and buy every single merchandise there. I want to pick up my own wand and drink Butterbeer (I heard it's halal?)!!!

5. Paris
Seeing Vivy Yusof's recent trip to Paris with her husband makes me want to go there with my non-existing husband. I want to take a ride on a Vespa scooter around Paris and take interesting soft, pastel photos of the city itself. Oh and drink coffee on the terrace.

I hope I can go to all this places before I turn 35? Keeping the age-limit high because I don't even know what's my degree course in September is going to be. #toomuchuncertainty

note: I actually took my PMR in 2012 so it has only been 4 years, not 7? I'm bad at maths I'm so sorry

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