Day 4: Something That I Miss

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I’ve made it to Day 4! I’ve spent the whole day tweaking the codes to this theme but I still can’t figure out how to align the read more button properly. Oh well. Hope that doesn’t annoy you as much. Actually it did annoyed me but there’s nothing that I can do. Sigh.

Okay, today I have to write about something that I miss. Being 19, I've went through a lot of different things and met different people, but to be honest, I miss college a lot. Especially my housemates at Dengkil! Rae, Kown, Din, Fatin and Su makes college bearable. Plus they are so loud haha. We talked loudly, we sang loudly, we laughed loudly. Here at home I don’t talk as much, so I really miss having a few people to talk to in person. I remembered during the first month with them, we used to blast Luhan's song, Lu, and obnoxiously sang to the weird lyrics. Haha.

We did a lot of amazing things even though our time together was quite short. We had a steamboat party at our house using tomyam that we bought at Anjung. We used to tease Din whenever she comes back from studying. I used to fangirl about pens and calligraphy with Fatin. Kown, Rae and I used to went jogging(?) and went to see the beautiful sunset together. We also went to KLIA2 together because we want to see the planes land and take off. Me and Su had a roommates day out at Cyberjaya, plus we used to go studying at Alamanda since the internet was faster there.

The best thing about my housemates are that they're one of the best support systems I've ever had. They gave me hella good advices when I'm feeling down and listened to everything that I had to get off my chest. We used to study together during finals while listening to this apparently spirit-lifting audio that we got on Whatsapp.

It has been 3 months and I'm still not over it. Am I even normal? Haha. I'm glad that I crossed paths with this 5 amazing ladies and I hope everyone will do well in degree. Let's see each other soon!

note: I'm actually seeing Kown and Rae at our usual spot, the airport tomorrow.

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