Day 3: Three Pet Peeves

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today I have to write about three of my pet peeves. Oh gosh, I have A LOT but I have to simplify the list to my top three. Here goes, but in no particular order.

The first one is I get easily annoyed by people who breathe too loud near me. WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVE? To show that you can breathe or what? I seriously can't help but feel smacking the person's head. Most of the time my brother will breathe too loud especially in the car and I couldn't help but tell him off :)))

Number two would be when people try on shoes at Cotton On and they don't put the shoes back on the rack. This happens only at the local Cotton On shops I guess? But I get really really annoyed to see the 'sea' of shoes on the floor. It takes less than a minute to put the shoes that you tried back on the rack anyway!

The last one is when people are late. Especially when I know they can be early. I even feel annoyed at myself when I'm late by 1-2 minutes. Why are you making people wait for you?? I don't have all day and I have things to do and places to go???

Writing about my pet peeves makes me feel annoyed because I'm picturing the things that I'm writing about in my head and it's getting on my nerves haha. Is this even normal.... Well. That's it for Day 3

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