Day 6: What do you keep in your handbag?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oh shoot, I forgot to update yesterday so I missed my sixth day of the writing challenge. I felt tired and a little bit lethargic, so I took a nap and then woke up again to see W-Two Worlds at 9.00pm. Haha. So here's what I'm going to write for Day 6!

Bag is from Vincci, bought it for my law school interview

The most important thing to have is of course, my wallet. Aside from money and important cards, I keep a polaroid photo of my family, my membership cards for Sephora, Boost, MPH and a ton of receipts in there. I don't even know why I keep them, but whenever I clean them up I feel really accomplished. So there's that. I'm too lazy to take a photo of my wallet, but it's black and was my mum's at first.

Day 5: Five Places To Visit

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hello, it's day 5 of the writing challenge! I have to post this up a bit late since I was quite busy today. I went to KLIA2 in the morning to meet Kown and Rae until 2.00 pm and went straight home afterwards. I had to clean my room for a bit and cook dinner for myself since I was home alone. Well, anyway, back to the writing challenge, today's topic is:

List down 5 places you want to visit

1. The Holy Land, Mekah
The ideal situation is to go there and perform The Hajj with my family one day. Insha Allah, when the time comes I hope I'll be there with my loved ones by my side.

2. Seoul
Mum promised to take me there for a holiday as a gift for me because I got straight As in PMR. But PMR was 4 years ago?? Hopefully, soon. I prefer just visiting Seoul rather than to go to other places in South Korea. Maybe because of the city vibe?

3. New Zealand
My mum wants to go to New Zealand for a looooong time now but we just haven't got the chance (and the money). New Zealand is very pretty anyway so I'll have a good time taking photographs of the scenery and just have a fun road trip. I want to fulfill her wish one day, maybe after I finish degree, get a job, and be financially secure.

4. Orlando, Florida
OF COURSE THIS IS ON MY LIST. I really want to go to Harry Potter's Wizarding World and buy every single merchandise there. I want to pick up my own wand and drink Butterbeer (I heard it's halal?)!!!

5. Paris
Seeing Vivy Yusof's recent trip to Paris with her husband makes me want to go there with my non-existing husband. I want to take a ride on a Vespa scooter around Paris and take interesting soft, pastel photos of the city itself. Oh and drink coffee on the terrace.

I hope I can go to all this places before I turn 35? Keeping the age-limit high because I don't even know what's my degree course in September is going to be. #toomuchuncertainty

note: I actually took my PMR in 2012 so it has only been 4 years, not 7? I'm bad at maths I'm so sorry

Day 4: Something That I Miss

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I’ve made it to Day 4! I’ve spent the whole day tweaking the codes to this theme but I still can’t figure out how to align the read more button properly. Oh well. Hope that doesn’t annoy you as much. Actually it did annoyed me but there’s nothing that I can do. Sigh.

Okay, today I have to write about something that I miss. Being 19, I've went through a lot of different things and met different people, but to be honest, I miss college a lot. Especially my housemates at Dengkil! Rae, Kown, Din, Fatin and Su makes college bearable. Plus they are so loud haha. We talked loudly, we sang loudly, we laughed loudly. Here at home I don’t talk as much, so I really miss having a few people to talk to in person. I remembered during the first month with them, we used to blast Luhan's song, Lu, and obnoxiously sang to the weird lyrics. Haha.

We did a lot of amazing things even though our time together was quite short. We had a steamboat party at our house using tomyam that we bought at Anjung. We used to tease Din whenever she comes back from studying. I used to fangirl about pens and calligraphy with Fatin. Kown, Rae and I used to went jogging(?) and went to see the beautiful sunset together. We also went to KLIA2 together because we want to see the planes land and take off. Me and Su had a roommates day out at Cyberjaya, plus we used to go studying at Alamanda since the internet was faster there.

The best thing about my housemates are that they're one of the best support systems I've ever had. They gave me hella good advices when I'm feeling down and listened to everything that I had to get off my chest. We used to study together during finals while listening to this apparently spirit-lifting audio that we got on Whatsapp.

It has been 3 months and I'm still not over it. Am I even normal? Haha. I'm glad that I crossed paths with this 5 amazing ladies and I hope everyone will do well in degree. Let's see each other soon!

note: I'm actually seeing Kown and Rae at our usual spot, the airport tomorrow.

Day 3: Three Pet Peeves

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today I have to write about three of my pet peeves. Oh gosh, I have A LOT but I have to simplify the list to my top three. Here goes, but in no particular order.

The first one is I get easily annoyed by people who breathe too loud near me. WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVE? To show that you can breathe or what? I seriously can't help but feel smacking the person's head. Most of the time my brother will breathe too loud especially in the car and I couldn't help but tell him off :)))

Number two would be when people try on shoes at Cotton On and they don't put the shoes back on the rack. This happens only at the local Cotton On shops I guess? But I get really really annoyed to see the 'sea' of shoes on the floor. It takes less than a minute to put the shoes that you tried back on the rack anyway!

The last one is when people are late. Especially when I know they can be early. I even feel annoyed at myself when I'm late by 1-2 minutes. Why are you making people wait for you?? I don't have all day and I have things to do and places to go???

Writing about my pet peeves makes me feel annoyed because I'm picturing the things that I'm writing about in my head and it's getting on my nerves haha. Is this even normal.... Well. That's it for Day 3

Day 2: What Someone Told Me About Myself

Monday, July 18, 2016

*unrelated but I miss my Iwatobi boys*

Write about something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

Everything went downhill for me back when I entered Form 4, I don't want to dive into the details, but long story short, I got my report card back for my monthly exam and it was horrible. My class teacher was so disappointed in me because I didn't continue the success streak from Form 3. 

"You know what, Nurina? I believe this is not the best from you. Wake up. I know you have a fighting spirit in you. I know you are better than this."
Madam's words got stuck in my head. I tried to go from no As to at least one, then two, and so on. She was right. I was better than my emotional, self-blaming state. Even though I didn't get the straight As for SPM, I was so proud of myself for not letting myself down and just be my better self.

The words "I know you are better than this" sort of became words of encouragement for me even up until now. It's amazing really, to know that just mere words can become a wake up call for someone. I'll be always grateful for Madam's words.

Well, I think that's the end of my writing task for day 2.

Day 1: Happy.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Since I have 2 months left to be lazy and rot at home before degree starts, I've decided to take up the 30 days writing challenge. So the topic for the first day is:

List 10 things that make you happy
(in no particular order)

1. Bangtan Boys
2. All Berry Bang and Banana Buzz at Boost
3. Fast internet connection
4. Lame jokes and pickup lines
5. Being surrounded by friends and family
6. Reading books that are so great, it makes me think for a few days
7. Making aesthetic posts/moodboards on twitter
8. Getting my life back on track
9. Making plans and actually following them
10. Being able to talk to someone

This is so simple but I need to take a rest. I'm so drained, physically and emotionally, it is so exhausting.

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