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Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi guys! Here I am writing a post on how to be organised while studying. I’m not exactly an organised student from the start… I’ve only began doing this when I entered college and really really pushed myself to stick to it when I’m in my second semester. It’s never too late to start and make a change. However, this is based on my experience and how I study, so you might have to change it to suit you.

1. Make sure that you have a separate file/folder for each subject that you’re taking.

This is for physical notes and also for the slides that you get from your lecturers. For the physical notes, which are notes that you printed out, class handouts, past years, etc… Make sure you have separate files for each of them. I bought a packet of clear files which contains 10 of them from Daiso. I arranged my notes according to the subject and then separate them by types. I make sure I have labels to indicate if they’re printed out notes, handouts, past years that I’ve done or handwritten notes. I don’t have a photo of the files that I made as I’ve already given them away…

For the college stuff in my laptop that I’ve downloaded, I sort them in a folder that I put on my desktop for easy access and again, label them according to subject, and in that folder, I sort them according to type. As in the name of the lecturers (I love downloading notes from other lecturers), past years, etc. I have a separate folder for all of my assignments that I sorted out according to semesters.

2. Print out study printables

I found out about this printables thingy during my second semester through tumblr. It’s a set of well, printables, that help you organise things better and thus, study better. It ranges from calendars, to-do lists, study lists, schedules, study progress, even an assignment planner. Just go to tumblr and key in ‘study printables’ in the search box, download and print out things that you need. Scale the printables down so that you can print out loads.

The printable on the left is from here while the printable on the right is an assignment planner that I made by myself before I started my second semester.

3. Colour coding

You have lots of stationeries like me? Well, put them to good use! Use that highlighters (not the make-up highlighters okay people) to colour code your way. It’s pretty helpful. For example, I used purple for name of cases, grey for important points and green for the acts/sections. I really dislike the usual neon colours of highlighters, so I used Zebra Mildliners, which offers a lot of soft pastel colours that are really pretty.


4. Have a journal

People say a journal is out-dated, but heck, I love journals. I have two journals, one is my personal leather journal and the other one is a bullet journal. I’ll talk about my journal in my next post. I also keep track of my classes, my exams and my study progress on my phone and computer using an app called My Study Life. Just input your schedule on the app and it will remind you to be on time to your class. The app also keeps track of the progress of your assignments and will remind you if it’s overdue.

5. Make a timetable and stick to it

I noticed this tip from seeing my roommate, Su, study since her study table is next to mine. She doesn’t have a fixed weekly timetable, but she made a timetable every single week. She listed down all the things that she had to do and all the subjects that she had to cover in a specific day. It’s pretty neat and helps you avoid procrastination.

I guess this sums up the 5 top study organization tips that I used in college. It's up to you to alter it according to your own style. It helped me survive college and I guess you'll find some good use out of this post. Thanks for reading!

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