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Friday, April 22, 2016

I've just came back from my trip to Penang with my friends yesterday! It was so tiring but a lot of fun, since it's my first time going on a trip with my friends without my parent's supervision. Haha. So I went on this trip with my housemates, Rae and Kown and also with my classmate, Shaz. It's a three days, two nights trip and honestly it wasn't enough! So, on with the trip.

Day One

I took the KTMB Komuter from my house (Labu Station) to KL Sentral and it costed me RM7.90 because I didn't use my Touch n Go card. I departed at 6.30am and arrived an hour later at KL Sentral. The komuter was packed with people and I feel sorry for my claustrophobic soul. And hey, it's my first time taking the komuter alone. I waited for Rae for a few minutes since she took the LRT and we had our breakfast at Starbucks since it's the only shop that was not full with people. We then walked to the Intercity waiting area to wait for our 9.00am ETS train to Butterworth.


The ETS train was really comfortable despite us having the seats that are facing backwards. Our seats were located in Coach A, seats 8C and 8D. It's a 4-hour journey that was not boring at all because we watched Mr. Bean, some cartoons and watched movies (HARRY POTTER!!!!) during our journey to Butterworth. The views were spectacular too!

One of my favourite views is when we were on the Bukit Merah lake.

We arrived at Butterworth at around 1.00pm, and met up with Shaz from Ipoh who was on the same train with us and then we met up with Kown who took the komuter from Alor Setar. We then took the ferry to the Island and it costs us RM1.20 per person. We only need to pay once, no payment is needed when we are going out of the island. After we arrived at Penang Island, we took the free Rapid Penang CAT bus to Komtar to have our lunch there.

Penang was so hot, that when we got there, we were sweating and the amount of people in the bus were not helping. We decided to go to Pizza Hut to have our lunch because of the air-conditioning. Haha. Then we walked to Jalan Chintra, because our hotel was located there. We stayed at Inn Residence 18, and took a standard twin room. Our hotel is rated 8.0 out of 10 on and it's near to Lebuh Kimberly and Komtar.

After settling down, we went to Teochew Cendol, which was located at Lebuh Keng Kwee, which is again, close to our hotel. The hotel staff also gave us a map and directions to go to the shop which is quite famous in Penang. Hey, it has franchises all over Malaysia, but we decided to go to the real thing.


The cendol is RM2.70 each and the rojak is RM7. We're not sure for the rojak though. We didn't jot down the price of it but everything is SO GOOD and so affordable. We sat inside of the shop because there's not a lot of customers considering the fact that this trip is during the weekdays. The cendol is so so so good! 

Then we walked to Chowrasta Market. From the outside it looks rundown and not many shops were open, but once we walked up to the first floor.....


Second hand books filled the shop from the floor to the ceiling. And not only one shop, there's a lot! Filled with comics, textbooks, novels... We even found law books there. Oh, and a shop was selling books from Murakami and it was so tempting. But it's new, so it retails the same as the ones we saw at MPH and Popular. Oh well...

We exited Chowrasta Market and then we walked along a lot of streets, namely Lebuh Campbell, Armenian Street and a lot more, since we just walked aimlessly. We stumbled upon some streets art by chance and took some photos with it. I had an enjoyable time because AESTHETICS!!!!


It was very hot and when we arrived at Armenian Street, I was looking forward to get Ice Kepal, the sole reason why I am willing to walk to Armenian Street, BUT IT WAS CLOSED. I had to make do with cold mineral water (a few bottles actually). We then took the bus to Padang Kota Lama to have our dinner.

We spent a few minutes by the seaside before going to have our dinner. We were so tired at that time, but immediately became refreshed when we saw food!!


We had kerang bakar, sotong kangkung, pasembor, mee sotong and an ABC with ice cream on top. The kerang bakar and sotong kangkung was around RM22. I didn't remember the price of the mee sotong and pasembor though since Shaz paid for the mee sotong and Kown bought the Pasembor. It was so good! I ate a lot of kerang and the sotong kangkung was soooooo delicious. Not a lot of stalls were open though during our visit. We then went back to our Komtar using the free bus again, and went to Prangin Mall before going back to our hotel. Me and Shaz rested while Rae and Kown went to walk a little more. And that wrapped up our first day in Penang!

Day Two

We woke up early to have our breakfast at a famous Roti Canai place. We checked out early too, but left our backpacks there. We then walked to Jalan Transfer which is again, quite near to our hotel. We expected a line to be formed already, but it's not. We secured ourselves a seat and ordered two roti canai with chicken and beef curry and two roti bakar telur goyang. Including our drinks, it totalled up to RM22.60 for the whole meal.

We walked to Komtar and took a bus to go to our next destination, Bukit Bendera. We took Bus 204 and it costs RM2.00 per person for an hour journey there. We arrived at Bukit Bendera at 9.10am. We wanted to arrive before 9.00am because the tickets going up to Bukit Bendera will be priced at RM3 per person, but we didn't. But we showed our students card and got the tickets for RM5 per person.


For the best experience ever, take Cabin 1 when you're going up and down the hill! It was an amazing ride filled with screams of fear, especially when we're going down because it was so fast! We had ice cream at Bukit Bendera while spending some single feels time looking at all the love locks there. 


We went down after 10am, since a lot of people are starting to arrive at Bukit Bendera. It was an exhilarating ride. We then noticed a double decker bus, which is the Penang Hop On Hop Off (HOHO bus). We asked the person in charge how much does it costs, and surprisingly, it's RM12 for students for 24 hours to the WHOLE ISLAND. Definitely worth our money, and we feel so touristy. Haha. We went back to Georgetown to have our lunch, again at Teochew Cendol.


Look at that beautiful curry me which is mine and the penang laksa for the rest of the girls. It was amazing! My mee curry was RM5 I guess, and I had iced chrysantemum tea. We then went back to Inn Residence 18 to take our backpacks and took the HOHO bus at Chowrasta Market. We hopped off (lmao) at Gurney Plaza as it is the interchange stop to the Beach Route heading to Batu Ferringhi. We took the Beach Route and went all the way to Taman Rimba (which was where the National Park located) and back to Batu Ferringhi stop because that was where our hotel located. However, we asked the uncle if we can stop in front of the Petronas since that's where our hotel is at and he agreed. Yay! But to board the bus again we need to go to the bus stop which is located in front of Holiday Inn.


Roomies Suites Boutique Hotel! Honestly one of the most beautiful room that we've ever stayed in! It has a loft design, our queen bed is located on top while on the bottom was an extra bed and a television with all of the latest movie. We felt like we stayed in an Ikea room. It's RM190 per night (including the extra bed), we split the bill and it's RM47.50 per person, including our breakfast for the next day. It's located at Eden Parade, the same building as KFC.

Me and Kown went back to Gurney via HOHO bus to stroll around at Gurney Paragon and Gurney Plaza while Rae and Shaz took a nap and went strolling at the beach. Me and Kown didn't buy anything despite having a Sephora at Gurney Paragon, fortunately. We missed the 5.45pm HOHO bus so we had to wait for the 6.45pm bus. We had our dinner at McDonalds Gurney Plaza and made it on the bus to get back to Batu Ferringhi.



We saw an amazing sunset since we sat at the open roof area on the HOHO bus and made it to the beach just in time to see more! We then went back to our hotel room to rest for a while and then we went out again to go to the night market and have our dinner again.

There was nothing much to buy, except that Rae went to get a henna design on her hand and bought a fan. Oh then me and Shaz went to Boost to get a drink while Kown and Rae went to Starbucks since Rae haven't eaten yet. Me and Shaz were talking when she suddenly got a call from Kown saying that Rae was sick. Okay. We went to Starbucks and met up with the girls when suddenly they took out a smores pie and began to sing happy birthday.


Okay I was so awkward and clueless but very surprised! It was quite the acting. Haha. Thanks guys! We then walked again by the beach for a while and went to have our dinner at Long Beach Food Court.


There was a halal chinese seafood stall too so we got our fried rice and mee goreng as well. Satay was so good and it was RM18 for 20 cucuk of chicken satay. We went back to our hotel room and watched a movie. It was..... hm. okay okay. And that was the end of our second day.

Day Three

It was our final day! We had our breakfast at the hotel, which is nasi lemak bungkus (which was insanely good) and green tea. All provided by the hotel. At 10.00 am, we took a Rapid Penang bus number 101, to get to the Jetty to send Shaz off. It costs us RM2.70 per person. After sending Shaz off, we took the free bus to Komtar to do some last minute shopping. Me and Rae went to First Avenue to go to H&M since I wanted some dainty rings and Kown went to Prangin Mall to buy shoes. I got my dainty rings for RM15 and we walked around First Avenue and then went to Prangin Mall.

We took a cab back to the Jetty and it costed us RM12 to the jetty. We arrived there at 12.00pm and took the ferry. Kown had to catch the 12.50pm komuter back to her place, and the ferry arrived back at the mainland at 12.35pm. We said our goodbyes on the ferry and she sprinted to the train station. She made it with a minute to spare! Rae and I didn't do anything at the train station. Our ETS train back to KL was at 3.00pm so we did nothing but eat. Haha.

We boarded the train and went back to KL. Arrived at 7.15pm due to some delays and had our dinner at Nu Sentral. We said our goodbyes at KL Sentral and Rae sent me off since I'm a small child with lack of experience boarding the komuter alone haha. I took the 8.45pm train and arrived at Labu at 9.45pm. And that wraps up our Penang trip.

Told ya 3 days are not enough. Hey, here's some tips:

1. Split your food and bills among your friends. You'll spend less!
2. Bring along your student ID to get discounts.
3. HOHO buses are worth it because you get to go around the island for RM12/24 hours.

The trip was amazing, and I hope to do it again with these amazing people! I miss them and Penang already!

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