Penang Gateway

Friday, April 22, 2016

I've just came back from my trip to Penang with my friends yesterday! It was so tiring but a lot of fun, since it's my first time going on a trip with my friends without my parent's supervision. Haha. So I went on this trip with my housemates, Rae and Kown and also with my classmate, Shaz. It's a three days, two nights trip and honestly it wasn't enough! So, on with the trip.

Day One

I took the KTMB Komuter from my house (Labu Station) to KL Sentral and it costed me RM7.90 because I didn't use my Touch n Go card. I departed at 6.30am and arrived an hour later at KL Sentral. The komuter was packed with people and I feel sorry for my claustrophobic soul. And hey, it's my first time taking the komuter alone. I waited for Rae for a few minutes since she took the LRT and we had our breakfast at Starbucks since it's the only shop that was not full with people. We then walked to the Intercity waiting area to wait for our 9.00am ETS train to Butterworth.


10 Months, A Lot Of Memories

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Wow, time passed by pretty quickly. The last time I wrote here is during my semester break in October-December 2015 and now I'm done with my Foundation year! I can't believe that it's already over. After our last paper ended yesterday, I wasn't quite convinced that it's already over, but once some of my classmates came to hug me and said their goodbyes, and my housemates went back home, it finally hit me that I won't see some of these people later on.

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