Of Time and Life Lessons

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm currently on my first semester break after 4 gruelling months taking pre law. It is exhausting. I'm not going to lie. All of the those moments being busy with assignments, tests and studying, the tiredness will get to you Most of the time, the next morning you feel like you just slammed your head against the wall and you want to sleep but you can't since you have class at 8.00 am. It's just the way it is, you need to be strong and pull through :')

Clockwise from first picture on the top-left corner: 1. Rae's birthday lunch, 2. Syariah and Speaking group, 3. Law012 presentation group aka swim team (we don't have anything to do with a swim team, we just love watching Free!), 4. 3/4 of Room 25's residents. 
        I've learnt so much during my first four months here. From loving myself, to appreciating people around you, to comforting and many other lessons. Being in university isn't all about the lessons that you learn in class, it's about learning to grow, by yourself and by using the help from people around you. Before entering into this foundation programme, I was a bit quiet and reserved, keeping my thoughts to myself and this caused me to bottle my emotions inside. I learnt how to be more opinionated, still hearing what other people have to say and at the same time, letting them hear what I have to say.

        A moment that left the most impact on my emotional condition is when I was sick in September. I have no idea what triggered the fever that I had. 50% might have been the way I've been stressing over for LAW012's presentation and LAW016's test that was on the same day, and 50% might've come from me bravely running in the rain from Perindu's bus stop to the faculty. Note to those who's going to further your studies in a big city, please don't be brave and just run in the rain with no umbrella, it's a bad idea. BAD.

        So after I sat for my test and did the presentation, which, alhamdulillah turned out quite well, I suddenly sneezed a lot, and behold, after Zuhur's prayer, I came down with a fever. I voluntarily isolated myself from the rest of my classmates as I don't want them to get sick. It was ELC091, and it was a 2 hour class. Not a good idea to be spreading germs especially with the fact that some of my friends are germaphobes. My lecturer, Madam Bhajan was so concerned, she gave me medications, 1 to be taken on the spot and 1 when I got back to Mawar. So I happily consumed it, and immediately after dinner I slept for 12 hours. 

        I woke up at 7 and decided to skip class for that day. My close friends called me to check on me and even stopped by my room to buy me Cool Fever, one called me if I wanted any food and another one even bought me medicines, well it was my request since he was out at Section 7 for dinner. My roommates also checked on me to make sure I was eating properly. During my sickness I kept on thinking, what in the world did I did to get these amazing people in my life? Such blessing, and it really teaches me a lesson to be constantly be kind to people, and they will do the same to you.

          Time is my friend and my enemy. It's either I love it, or I hate it. There's just no in between. It's like a difference between a hello and a goodbye. I love a hello. Goodbyes.... Not so much. Really. Time will always be my companion, and it's up to me to make the best out of it, and maybe try not to get too emotional when the goodbyes are due.

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