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Monday, December 15, 2014

There are a few things I love to do when I have absolutely nothing to do (hah it doesn't make any sense)

1. Reading books
      Ummmm you can fall in love with characters, their flaws, their adventures and then, you get broken hearted by them sometimes which is kind of soothing for me since no one around me have the guts to do that.


2. Doing some point and shoot photography
      One of the perks of staying in an oil-palm estate is that I have nature surrounding me every single time. Right now I really love to go outside and take pictures of the sky. The things I do to pass some time...

3. Bicker with Ling about One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer and Ariana Grande
      We'll go "OMG did they" and then fangirl and then do it all over again. Welcome to the life of avid fangirls everybody.

4. Traveling

Because I have nothing better to do.. (haha no, I actually have tons of work to do eg: finish up packing leftover stuffs to ship to my new house but I'm so lazy) and I've grown more matured since the last time I blogged which was two years ago, I'm deciding to do travel reviews!

Please. APPLAUSE!!!

Dedicated to the state that I've spent most of my high school years in, I'll be reviewing Kota Kinabalu in my first travel review. Excited? Yay.

My family and I are currently residing in Kunak, Sabah. It's just a small town located at the East Coast of Sabah. Since our first year, my parents insisted that we travel by land to Kota Kinabalu to experience the amazing sceneries that Sabah has in store. And yes, I've really grown to love to travel by car even though I have minor motion-sickness. Haha. There are two routes from my town to Kota Kinabalu, one via Lahad Datu-Checkpoint Sandakan-Ranau-Kundasang-Kota Kinabalu and another one via Tawau-Kalabakan-Nabawan-Keningau-Papar-Kota Kinabalu. Both routes will take around 8 hours of traveling. Yep. Oh by the way, the Tawau-Kalabakan-Keningau route has been upgraded, so no more muddy cars and bumpy roads. Yay!

The fastest way to reach Kota Kinabalu is without doubt by taking a flight to Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA). From Tawau Airport, it takes about 45 minutes. From Kuala Lumpur, it will take around 2 hours.

Where to stay:

There are a lot of hotels in Kota Kinabalu, but during holiday seasons, most of it will be full, so plan ahead and book a hotel! For those who want to spend extra bucks on accommodation, there's Le Meridian hotel that's located next to Centrepoint Mall that have a view of the blue sea and located right in the center of the city, or maybe the Hyatt Regency or Grandis Hotel, a newly opened hotel next to Suria Sabah shopping mall.

My parents made a point to spend wisely on hotels as we're not going to be in the room 24/7 anyway, so we prefer comfortable but has a reasonable price such as the Eden 54 hotel and Lucky 11 hotel. The rooms are spacious, beds are comfortable and there's wifi (omg I KNOW)

Family room at Hotel Eden 54

The second and third room at Hotel Lucky 11. We were so surprised that we had our own balcony and the room is super super spacious. Look at my "what" face hahaha

Nearby attractions:

Me and my mum's favourite place to visit is shopping places, and the best place that we often look forward to is Gaya Sunday Market. It's very near to our hotels, which is behind the Lucky 11 hotel or a short walk from Eden 54. It's almost like a pasar malam but here they call this a 'tamu'. Gaya Sunday Market is a very fun place to go shop since there are bunch of stuff there. I personally adore the rabbits and cats they have there. Oh, and there's a shop selling homemade soap which is so yum! Be sure to keep an eye out for amazing and rare items such as antiques and exotic food (I saw those ulat sago!!!!)

We also took a boat ride from Jesselton Point (which is quite close to our hotel) to go island hopping! For two islands, Pulau Sapi and Pulau Manukan, we had to pay around RM120 for 4 persons, which is really a bargain! The beaches are beautiful and really clean. The flaw of our island hopping trip is that it rained during our journey back, and I came down with a fever. Be prepared. Lots of sunblock to protect your skin from the sun, unless you want to look like a fried prawn...

Okay. This is a quite long-ish post. I'll continue in part two (if you're up for it)

update: I didn't sebab malas nak mampus

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